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[Xmca-l] Over or excess involvement of parent - ZPD

Life and new trials and experiences may have the potential for illimunating
certain facts otherwise staying unresolved.

Suppose that a parent supports his child for piano lessons at home. The
child, unlike other,needed a lot of parent support until then to succeed in
conservatory and the parent always though that without him/her, the child
is not able to remember teacher's latest lesson's directives, to apply them

But this means that the child finds every time the parent besides him
during lessons at home (even the parent takes not during the lesson with
teacher) and the child is used to be reminded by the parent for the most
critical things to be newly learned.

The lesson before the last one is not so successful. Until that lesson the
child and the parent worked again together. So many mistakes on the part of
the child.

But then, at return at home, they decide the child works on his own for
three days. Then the new lesson with teacher takes place. Zero parent

Then, this same passage is very well done and appreciated by the teacher
and the teacher says, is this the same child, do you have another identical
one at home.


So, my hypothesis is that, with such an excessinve parent involvement, who
does not possess confidence in the child to study appropriately, the child
may be chained and the process of  developing his potential with adult may
turn to a lack of opportunity to develop his potential on his own, which
may be quite harmful for the child.

May this hypothesis verified: when working with the parent, the child hands
over his attention ability to the adult, he shares this ability with him,
he delivers himself to the adult and is unable to take any initiative, is
not the manager of the learning process.

But, as soon as the parent goes out, he knows that he is the sole
responsible for his own learning process and pays much more attention to
what he does, makes maximum effort to learn during the lesson with the
teacher, and to remember at home what the teacher taught during the lesson.

In this case, I think the mistake on the part of the parent is the onset of
the functioning of self regulation during learning process.

Does this over or excess involvement make any sense, or a place in the