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[Xmca-l] Objective and Subjective ZPDs

Martin, Andy, Mike...and Others:

I've been trying to make sense out of Seth Chaiklin's distinction between
the "objective" ZPD and the subjective one. He's obviously got in mind
exactly the material we are now translating: Vygotsky's attempt to render
the ZPD as a "next zone of development", where the next zone of development
is either

a) given by the social situation of development (and therefore more or less
the same for a whole age group of children).

b) given by the "ripening functions" in the lines of development (and
therefore different for every individual child).

So here's what I've got in chart form. As you'll see, it's very different
from the chart that Andy had in his 2009 article, and also somewhat
different from the very elegant formulations that Martin had (which to my
chagrin I can't remember very well).

I've added a column of linguistic indicators taken from Halliday's 2002
volume on early childhood language, because I have to be able to apply all
this to data some day very soon.....

This is a very sketchy schematicky sort of preliminary draft, and
criticisms, objections, imprecations, and even just gutteral mutterings
would be most welcome.

David Kellogg

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