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[Xmca-l] Re: speed of political action

Indeed, Huw.
After the Operation had been cancelled and the Press Conference cancelled, the Union representing the "Border Force" was on the radio pleading for people to understand that the Border Force officers were just ordinary men and women who had gone to work in the Customs or Immigration Services and were not equipped to do this kind of work and would people please not treat them so badly. "Border Force" was created by the Abbott government soon after they got elected on a "Stop the Boats" slogan by amalgamating the Customs and Immigration services and putting them under an Army General, a transparent piece of militaristic posturing! Even Australian voters who can be easily fooled by this kind of charade have become tired by sabre rattling and "Commander in Chief" posturing which has gone on for 2 years now.
*Andy Blunden*
On 29/08/2015 8:24 AM, Huw Lloyd wrote:

In my limited experience and thinking, special ops police forces seem to
have two distinct characteristics.  The first is the focus on catching
criminals in criminal activities rather than educating people against
them.  The second is a preference for militarised operations, rather than
standardised policing. I would guess that (an argument for) the appropriate
time to take such measures is when there are no other resources available
to protect something of obvious felt importance that is also felt to be
clearly at risk, that doesn't seem to be the case in this protest.  I
wonder whether such morality could be institutionalised into police
practice, i.e. to legitimately boycott operations that do not meet those


On 28 August 2015 at 16:19, Peg Griffin <Peg.Griffin@att.net> wrote:

Thanks for good news!

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I must share this with my xmca friends.
This morning the government launched an operation which is to my mind the
kind of thing which could only happen in Korea of the Southern states of
the US: The newly created Border Force was to conduct a campaign of spot
checks on people in the streets of central Melbourne, checking people's
"papers". By morning rush hour time a demonstration had been mounted at the
main railway station, and now in late afternoon is blocking off public
transport in and our of the city, the move was soon all over social media
and I am told the would-be police-state move had to be called off.
It would have taken a month to get a counter demo. up over this in my
days, but the opposition moved faster than the police!

*Andy Blunden*