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[Xmca-l] The Test That Can Look Into A Child's (Reading) Future

Great! Just what we need to bolster the current tyranny of behavioristic reading instruction, in which "reading" is considered the ability to sound out words, with no regard to understanding the meaning of a text. So, to test this new test empirically, these psychologists will have to take 5-10 years to compare experimental vs control groups on how well they interpret real texts (stories and informational reading); but, instead, they will probably rush to use the usual word lists as a measure of "reading". And they'll likely get funding from the Gates Foundation, Pearson, and other supporters of standardized tests.

Here Stephen Krashen pokes fun at this nonsense. He is a staunch advocate of phonemic awareness (PA) training in the womb


Pete Farruggio, PhD
Associate Professor
Bilingual Education
University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

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The latest in brain research. Oy.

Researchers say they've come up with a 30-minute test that can predict a child's language skill and diagnose learning disabilities.
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