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[Xmca-l] Re: FW: NPR.org - The Test That Can Look Into A Child's (Reading) Future

Took a look at the study.  Seems little more than the age old field dependent, field independent tests except for auditory perception.  I'm not surprised they predict success on pre-literacy because the tests are almost exclusively based on phonics, which reward field independence.  It may mean children will be better decoders, but better readers?  It's a combination of our insane ride into automation of everything combined with our insane funding practices  - cue the John Lovitz voice,

Yeah suuuure I can predict reading with this test, absooooolutely, one hundred percent.  Just given me twenty million dollars and I'll show you.  Sure, twenty million dollars, that's the ticket.


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The latest in brain research. Oy.

The Test That Can Look Into A Child's (Reading) Future<http://click.et.npr.org/?qs=a2884990365f2005045ac7176dd4e1c2bb6953b2acf53946f20dc0182b067512d4eab4f7e137af77>

Researchers say they've come up with a 30-minute test that can predict a child's language skill and diagnose learning disabilities.
Read this story<http://click.et.npr.org/?qs=a2884990365f2005045ac7176dd4e1c2bb6953b2acf53946f20dc0182b067512d4eab4f7e137af77>