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[Xmca-l] The Emergence of Boundary Objects

If my information is correct, both Alfredo and Rolf have some time in the
upcoming period to discuss their article on the emergence of
boundary objects.

So, to start the discussion.

I am finding this article enormously generative of ways to think about some
perennial issues that have recently been on my mind. The entire discussion
leading up to the formulation of transforming spaces into places (and
recreating spaces in the process) locks in
directly with our current work on the 5th Dimension, which i have been
writing about for some time as a tertiary artifact and an idioculture, but
which most certainly fits the concept of a boundary object.

Secondly, I have become really interested in "practices of imagination" and
that is just how Alfredo and Rolf characterize their two
installations and the professional teams that cooperate to create them. And
they make a new linkage by referring to distributed imagination, which is
most certainly going to require imagination to fill in the ineluctable
gaps, and provide us with some insight insight into the processes involved.

Those are my issues for starters. What strikes others?


For those of you who missed this topic, the article is attached.


Both environment and species change in the course of time, and thus
ecological niches are not stable and given forever (Polotova & Storch,
Ecological Niche, 2008)

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