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[Xmca-l] Donate to Prolepsis to feed Greek children

Hello esteemed xmcars,

I thought I'd let you all know about Prolepsis, a non-gov public agency in Greece that helps feed Greek school children. I learned about it from this NYTimes article:


Apparently schoolchildren in Greece typically do not have lunch programs and many with the recent turn of events are going to school hungry.

So here's the link to Prolepsis:


<http://www.prolepsis.gr/new/en/>If you click the "I would like to help children in Greece" you can donate through Paypal (in Euros).

This is one way we can show that our concern and empathy during this time of uncertainty. It's not much to do from so far away, but then again, every little bit helps, like $5 or $10?

I find the name "prolepsis" – "the representation of something in the future as if it already existed or had occurred" to be relevant to us... and Greece! [😊]

Kind regards,


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