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[Xmca-l] The Russian Spinozists

Hello esteemed others!

I just got my hands on this Maidansky paper (2003) On the Russian Spinozists, and I'm very intrigued by this paper.

(mike) I actually used the google search box on the lchc homepage to see if anyone had already commented upon it, and I see that the fine screen of CHATers did catch this moth to the flame.

Unfortunately, a link that had been posted to more English translations has gone 404, so I was also wondering about other work by Maidansky that anyone might recommend.

Yes. I confess I'm on a Spinoza kick now, what can I say?

It seemed a problem to me (and I apologize if I'm lighting a fuse here), that he was equating Vygotsky with activity theory. But I presume that that is how Vygotsky is known in Russia? As the father of AT? I wasn't sure.

Then, I was also curious about the connection of Vygotsky and Spinoza, and how Spinoza has been rebranded "Marx without a beard," which seemed weird to me. I'd have said Marx was "Spinoza with a beard" (and then some), just because of the chronology of history.

But OK, not meaning to kickstart a controversy here on the list.

I also consider that Spinoza is misunderstood when he is branded an atheist, and that his philosophy has been appropriated incorrectly, which is too bad.

It's a deep philosophical argument I'm considering that requires careful unfolding. I haven't done it yet, but I think I shall.

Kind regards,