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[Xmca-l] Re: The zone of proximal development


I see that this thread's been hijacked…or scrummed?

The idea is not to slice terms, but to make reference to the unification of learning and its corresponding scientific concept of VOTING.

I loved the photograph because it is an instance of a mother sharing the experience of voting, even to the COLLABORATION and COOPERATION of carrying the voting envelope from the booth to the ballot box.

It isn't a moment of learning, but a zone of development, because this will be the starting point of learning about the meaning of VOTING, for the son, not just the activity of voting, as in carrying the envelope to the ballot box, but what it means. The activity of voting on one's own will not be that much of a "zone for learning:" mark "oxi," and put the ballot in the envelope and walk it to the ballot box. 

If only that's all that was required to understand voting! :) 

What I am enamored by is that I'm sure the little boy will make the connections to his (helping his mother to) vote and all the people demonstrating in the street, and all the long lines and people talking about voting. And even that he will one day learn that he is a citizen of a country where democracy was born. 

It is a zone of proximal development that encompasses his entire world and his future as a Greek citizen (to be). And his mom is helping him understand that. :D

Sorry, I thought it was an obvious (and beautiful) instance of a ZPD, as the mother carries her son who carries the ballot.

Though I expect a little resistance to my argument. Still, that's what I see and I'm sticking to it. Who will you believe? Me or your eyes?

Me and your eyes!

Kind regards,