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[Xmca-l] managerialism in academia: a critique of "against students"

>From time to time on this listserv, I've seen posts about the struggles of
working within the shifting politics of academia.

This morning I came across a post by Sara Ahmed: "Against students":

In it, Ahmed takes on:

   - The phenomenon, rearing its head again recently, of professors feeling
   censored by students and the culture of "identity politics" in higher
   - The tendency of some academics to feel a nostalgia for a past that
   they see as characterized by perfect freedom and pursuit of ideas
   - The issue of trigger warnings in college classrooms, and the critique
   of students as being "oversensitive"
   - The challenge of addressing issues of sex discrimination and sexual
   harassment in academia

This article is a brilliant feminist critique of dominant discourses around
these issues, and in my view well worth a read, and a discussion, by
members of this listserv.


Jacob (Jenna) McWilliams
Educational Psychology and Learning Sciences Program
University of Colorado Boulder