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[Xmca-l] Masculinity and sexuality

Dear all,

I am following the discussions with interest even if I am now busy writing a study book about social work and sexuality in Swedish. It’s much more easier to follow since I met a lot of you last conference in Sydney and other I have met before in Amsterdam, Seville and Rome (sorry I couldn’t make San Diego). Hopefully in the end of the summer the book manuscript will be ready to go to the publisher and I can go more active.

I have used Mary van der Riet’s writing about HIV with great benefit. But I wonder if anybody on this list know if there are written anything about masculinity or sexuality out of a Cultural Historical Activity Theory or a Sociocultural perspective?

I am trying to have a CHAT perspektiv in all my chapters which covers young people, older people, people with disability, drug abuse, HIV, sexual violence, prostitution, veterans and unaccompanied minors. The book aim first and fourth semester for social workers during their University studies in Sweden.

I would be very pleased if any of you could give me a hint where to find these resources about masculinity or sexuality from a CHAT/Sociocultural perspective.


Hans from Sweden