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[Xmca-l] Fwd: ACTION ALERT: Tell Your Member of Congress to Vote NO on NSF Bill, H.R. 1806

For your consideration.
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From: Felice J. Levine, AERA Executive Director <flevine@aera.net>
Date: Fri, May 15, 2015 at 8:47 AM
Subject: ACTION ALERT: Tell Your Member of Congress to Vote NO on NSF Bill,
H.R. 1806
To: lchcmike@gmail.com

   Dear Michael Cole,

I am writing to you directly because we need your help now. The House of
Representatives is expected to debate and vote on the *America COMPETES
Reauthorization Act of 2015 *(H.R. 1806) during the week of Monday, May 18.
AERA opposes H.R. 1806 because of its potential adverse impact on the vital
role of the National Science Foundation (NSF). We hope that you will weigh
in too as an active member of the education research community.

Please take a moment to send an email
to your Member of Congress stating your concerns about H.R. 1806 and urging
your Representative to vote NO on *COMPETES*.

If you have received NSF funding, please include how NSF funding was
important to your work. If you have not received NSF funding, please do not
hesitate to speak to the value of NSF support in advancing knowledge and
education in our field.

AERA opposes H.R. 1806 because it undermines the scientific flexibility
delegated to NSF and this agency’s commitment to supporting the best
science based on peer review across all fields. Specifically, this bill:

   - Authorizes funding levels by NSF directorate in place of a Research
   and Related Activities Account.
   - Cuts funding for the Social, Behavioral, and Economic Sciences
   Directorate by 58 percent, accounting for the line item for the National
   Center for Science and Engineering Statistics.
   - Cuts funding for the Education and Human Resources Directorate (EHR)
   by 10 percent from the administration’s budget proposal.

AERA, along with more than 30 other scientific associations, submitted
opposing H.R. 1806.

Expressing your view can make a difference. Please take a minute to contact
your Member of Congress on this important issue.


Felice J. Levine, PhD
Executive Director
flevine@aera.net <flevine@area.net>

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