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[Xmca-l] Fwd: "Why the 'Opt-Out Movement' for High Stakes Testing is Bad for Students in Urban Public Schools" by Stuart Rhoden

Fyi for those who have pointed to this issue.

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Date: Monday, April 6, 2015
Subject: "Why the 'Opt-Out Movement' for High Stakes Testing is Bad for
Students in Urban Public Schools" by Stuart Rhoden
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*     "Why the 'Opt-Out Movement' for High Stakes Testing is Bad for
Students in Urban Public Schools"*

*by *

*Stuart Rhoden*

 In the past three or four years, there has been a grassroots movement
across the country created by some progressive educational groups
surrounding students "Opting out” of mandatory high-stakes state test.  My
opinion of this is that it is a copout. Until we change the system at
broader systemic levels, we are not adequately preparing our students to
succeed if we tell them they can opt-out of assessments along the way. This
goes well beyond the “work harder/smarter” or “bootstraps” mentality that
is often cited as code for structural inequality, but rather my perspective
stems from an insistence that students can shine in an inequitable system
as it is currently constructed. What is equally important is that as the
adults; including educators, policy makers and researchers, need to
consider more appropriate ways to analyze positive academic achievement, as
well as strive towards creating more accurate measure of student
achievement. Want to learn more?  Click here
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*Stuart Rhoden, Ph.D. is originally from Chicago, IL. He has been in
education for over 15 years. He worked in Washington D.C. and Chicago on
education policy and advocacy. He also was a high school teacher in Chicago
and Los Angeles for a number of years. For the past five years, he has been
a lecturer teaching on issues of culture and diversity, education policy,
education philosophy and youth cultures in colleges both in Philadelphia
and Phoenix. He currently lives in Phoenix, AZ.*

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