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[Xmca-l] Re: Winn's Exploring the Literate Trajectories of Youth across Time and Space

I'm going to do some exploratory thinking here, so please pardon the half-baked nature of what follows (half-baked is a long-time value on xmca in its embrace of thoughts in emergent process).

Winn's article has gotten little traction as a discussion topic, so I'll combine it with something that's gotten even less attention, an article that someone (Annalisa, I think) sent awhile back and that I'm re-attaching here.

I'm focusing on the early section about Ilyenkov's notion of the ideal, which I can't say I completely grasp. So please bear with me as I grope my way through this effort to link the two articles. I'll paste in the section of the attachment that I see as potentially, if I'm getting this right, helpful in understanding Winn's essay:

Attachment: From_the_History_of_Soviet_Philosohy-libre.pdf
Description: From_the_History_of_Soviet_Philosohy-libre.pdf