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[Xmca-l] Re: Opt-out movement

> Thanks Beth. While the presence of white middle class communities in the
> opt-out movement is significant (considering that problematic reforms
> previously reserved for poor communities of color were not of concern), I
> agree that it is it is inaccurate to say that the movement against testing
> and privatization is homogenous: http://edushyster.com/?p=6113

And there is much written on the active co-optation of civil rights
> language by so called education reformers (for example:
> http://www.empowermagazine.com/beware-education-reformers-co-opt-language-civil-rights-movement/).
> It is, in part, a well funded PR campaign. That is not to deny the
> complexity of stances on the politics of "accountability"  and the ways
> they are interwoven with issues of equity, which I think deserve historical
> and political analysis. But it is an important piece of the puzzle.