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[Xmca-l] Education & Society (was Resending LSV/ANL on crisis in ontogengy)

The quote below is from El'konin's (1971) paper, Towards the problem of
stages in the mental development of children
<https://www.marxists.org/archive/elkonin/works/1971/stages.htm>.  This is
simply asserting that societies such as ours (UK/US/AUS etc, and Russian
too for this matter) do NOT provide schooling that provides a creative
understanding, i.e.  schooling cannot deliver this true form of education
under its manner of administration.  This is simply manifest in the
dominant role (priority) of the reproduction of notation rather than
genuine understanding, which is enforced by society (teaching to test on
behalf of 'societal needs').

Note that this assertion is not saying that one _develops_ in a manner in
accordance with one's society (i.e. that different forms of society afford
different, but commensurate, forms of development).  Rather it is asserting
that development is prevented in certain modes of society.  The point,
again, is that development here is referring to structural change in the
cognitive capacity of the child/agent as a key component of developmental


"The correct solution of the problem of developmental periods will in large
measure determine the strategy employed in constructing a comprehensive
educational system for the coming generation in our country. The practical
significance of this problem will increase as we approach the point when we
must elaborate the principles for a unified public system of education
encompassing the entire period of childhood. We must emphasize the fact
that the construction of such a system in compliance with the laws of
developmental stages of childhood is possible only within a socialist
society; for it is only in such a society that has a maximum interest in
the full and harmonious development of the abilities of every one of its
members and, consequently, in the fullest possible use of the potential of
each developmental stage."

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> Of course!
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> Rod Parker-Rees wrote:
>> The system may work (more or less and more for some than others) but I
>> don't see how it could be described as 'finished', Andy. There is a
>> continuing, lively competition among groups of parents to identify
>> 'better', 'kinder' or just 'faster' ways of supporting their children's
>> development and a thriving market in books, classes, equipment etc. to
>> 'help' parents to do the right thing for their children. There is a lot of
>> exploitation and misinformation mixed up in this but the continuing play
>> with different ways of doing things is probably beneficial in the longer
>> term as it leavens cultural practices - preventing them from solidifying
>> into a universally approved and prescribed practice which is good enough
>> for most.
>> Rod
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>> I think that cultural forms of child-rearing and the corresponding
>> expectations placed upon the child have been developed by communities over
>> centuries and part of that process is the collective experience of the
>> relevant practices. Doubtless all sorts of crazy practices have been tried
>> out at different times, but if the children do not respond as expected, the
>> idea is dropped or modified. I think this is the point at which the
>> biological limitations and predispositions of children comes in. But the
>> present-day child is presented with a finished, working system.
>> I seem to recall that Barbara Rogoff has written about this.
>> Andy
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