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[Xmca-l] Re: Informal Learning Blog


Thank you for sharing this, I know this article, especially the three level
of outcomes is generating much discussion in the squishy assessment circles
a few of us play in.

As a side note here is the start of some annotations:
https://hypothes.is/stream?q=tag:%27informal%20assessment%27 A  group of us
are organizing twitter chats and annotation events around the article.

I will share the blog url with everyone.

Enjoyed the piece,

On Mon, Mar 23, 2015, 11:22 PM Jay Lemke <lemke.jay@gmail.com> wrote:

> As I think people on xmca already know, MIT Press recently published a book
> by Mike Cole, me, Robert Lecusay (recent grad of the LCHC lab), and Vera
> Michalchick (now of Stanford) on assessing informal learning.
> We are just starting a Blogger forum for people who'd like to ask
> questions, make comments, or discuss issues related to informal learning,
> assessment, documentation, policy, etc. it's at:
> http://lemke-cole-lecusay-michalchik.blogspot.com/?view=sidebar
> We've just posted a vignette by Mike about the value of participant
> fieldnotes, as one of the first of a series elaborating on the book's
> Conclusions & Recommendations.
> You can see the 3 posts so far, with Comments, in Classic view, or by
> clicking the tabs in Sidebar view. We are also trying to tag posts with
> labels referring to various categories of recommendations.
> Please join the conversation, if this is an area of interest to you!
> JAY.
> Jay Lemke
> LCHC/Department of Communication
> University of California - San Diego
> www.jaylemke.com