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[Xmca-l] Informal Learning Blog

As I think people on xmca already know, MIT Press recently published a book
by Mike Cole, me, Robert Lecusay (recent grad of the LCHC lab), and Vera
Michalchick (now of Stanford) on assessing informal learning.

We are just starting a Blogger forum for people who'd like to ask
questions, make comments, or discuss issues related to informal learning,
assessment, documentation, policy, etc. it's at:

We've just posted a vignette by Mike about the value of participant
fieldnotes, as one of the first of a series elaborating on the book's
Conclusions & Recommendations.

You can see the 3 posts so far, with Comments, in Classic view, or by
clicking the tabs in Sidebar view. We are also trying to tag posts with
labels referring to various categories of recommendations.

Please join the conversation, if this is an area of interest to you!


Jay Lemke
LCHC/Department of Communication
University of California - San Diego