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For European younger scholars.
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Date: Mon, Mar 23, 2015 at 6:20 AM
Subject: [COGDEVSOC] Fwd: Two Jobs at CBCD London
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Forwarded from Mark Johnson --

Dear colleagues,

We have some nice ”early postdoc" jobs going in London that – due to the
complexities of EU funding regulations – have very specific requirements
that would ideally suit a European citizen that is finishing up a PhD – but
not in the UK.  Basically, the person should not have lived in the UK for
longer than 12 months over the past 3 years, should not yet have received
their PhD (although this can be pending), and should be within 4 years of
being awarded the degree that enabled them to do a PhD (typically a
 Masters or BSc/BA)…..non European citizens are not excluded, but it can be
hard to obtain a work permit at this early career stage.

Do pass this on to any likely candidates.  See below for details.

Best wishes,
Mark Johnson

Two Early Stage Researchers are required for BRAINVIEW, a pan-European
Marie Sklodowksa-Curie Innovative Training Network project. BRAINVIEW aims
to investigate the disruptions of prenatal and postnatal brain development
that underlie neurodevelopmental disorders with onset early in life, such
as autism and ADHD. The network will train Early Stage Researchers (ESRs)
and produce new knowledge, methods and technology to answer critical issues
in our efforts to understand, prevent, diagnose and treat
neurodevelopmental disorders. The ESRs will be supervised by Professor Mark
Johnson and Dr Emily Jones at the Centre for Brain and Cognitive
Development, Birkbeck, University of London, London, UK, (

*Early Stage Researcher 6 (ESR6) Project Title: The role of atypical neural
connectivity in the emergence of ASD and ADHD.*

*Early Stage Researcher 7 (ESR7) Project Title: Understanding the role of
inhibition/excitation balance in the early development of ASD.*

We expect applicants to possess a degree in a relevant area (preferably
neuroscience or experimental psychology), or equivalent experience.  You
should have experience in working with neuroimaging data or other complex
datasets, strong skills with programming tools such as Matlab, have
excellent written and spoken English skills and the ability to work in a
team. Experience in developmental cognitive neuroscience and/or autism or
ADHD research especially with children or infants is desirable. Further,
you should be able, after training, to build an independent career in the
field of neurodevelopmental disorders.

*Candidate Requirements:  *For Marie Sklodowksa-Curie positions, candidates
can be accepted only if they have not lived for longer than 12 months in
the past three years in the UK. The ESR shall, at the time of recruitment
by the host organisation, be in the first four years (full-time equivalent
research experience) of their research career and have not been awarded a
doctoral degree.

Salary range: £30,868.10 to £38,621.59 per annum depending on the
circumstances of the candidate. This post is full-time, 35 hours per week
(1.0 FTE) and fixed term for 3 years.

*We will accept applications until the posts are filled.*

For further information on this opportunity contact Dr Emily Jones at
e.jones@bbk.ac.uk. A link to the PDF document containing the job
description and person specification is below.


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