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[Xmca-l] Re: XMCA home page?

Hello Huw, Greg, Andy, and esteemed others,

I am sensitive to Huw's comments about the complexity of doing things, and his hesitancy to jump on a bandwagon of "something that is easy" is warranted. It is never easy. It requires much thought before making changes, particularly with such a venerable institution as the xmca list.

In the case where there are volunteers, it is that much more difficult, because people's availability is unpredictable. Someone has to drive the tool, even if is the most simple process. And so understanding limitations there is also worth exploring and understanding.

It does seem a worthwhile discussion to explore the question, "What is an XMCA homepage?" and what is the consensus of what we want it to do?

Once that has been identified, it seems possible to narrow that down to smaller bite-sized steps and then proceed from there, which would entail shopping for tools that are out there and understanding what they can and cannot do. 

I see what might be happening here is fixation on the tool before knowing what we actually want to do. And so that is why I ask the question, "What is an XMCA homepage?"

What is this supposed to do? What is it supposed to say (communicate) about XMCA?

Then we might progress to discussing The How and The Who? (not the rock band, obviously??)

Is that a fair place to start?

Kind regards,