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[Xmca-l] Re: Sledgehammers in Mosul

This is not to be meant an intrusion because I'm back from a trip for eye therapy and I see as against the content of my off-list sincere message to you to the effect that you , in your turn , be more cautious vis-a-vis the Big Day's Politics of the Global Rush , we , in our turn , be more cautious and conscious of the fact that we've been KEPT backward and should try to restore our glorious history through peaceful co-existing means , you've been enflaming and intensifying the situation which is already bad enough for a peaceful co-existence .

It's so shameless for me to recount the atrocities which befell us through acts of Capitalistic Rule because I keep respect for the people who are living under this rule at the Metropolis but are critic of it at least . What use if you say of the dim points in our history and I say of the dim points in your history , of the genocide of the local Indians , etc. ... What use if I say when the Middle Ages were little by little vanishing at the brim thin line of the horizon of History , Averros and Almaymonides talked of the NATURAL THEOLOGY which was enormously progressive at the time and provided a good atmosphere for Great Spinoza to go with it more perseveringly now that we are being savagely captivated on two sides the bigger Aryan brothers wanting us to either revolt or surrender to death , let alone , say of hundreds of known figures who made huge efforts to translate the Greek Cultural Heritage into other languages so that CULTURE might enjoy prosperous Transference . The big difference between us is that I refer to Rulers and Evils of a System but you explicitly talk of the ordinary people which amount to more than a billion but for SOME CAUSE which you do not mark have puffed off a tumor in one corner . ISIS , if there's no game with it , will be powdered off within a Day by the very same destructive Arsenal which in size of one millionth of it brought out the human terrible disaster in Hiroshima and Nakazaki . 

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Message from Francine:


The polemic that such violence in the name of Islam is a response
to European colonialism, capitalism, and the war in Iraq totally lacks credibility.
There is no doubt that the war in Iraq created the opportunity for the
rise of ISIS. But everyone knows that the animosity between Sunni and Shiite 
predates European and U.S. presence in the Middle East.

The pillaging of Constantinople and the Basilica of Hagia Sophia was carried out by
Turks in the name of Islam (in 1453). While many Muslims demand that the
Temple Mount in Jerusalem and the land of Israel be returned to them, using the 
same logic how about returning Constantinople to the Europeans?

This is now a post-Said world, thanks to ISIS.

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> Subject: [Xmca-l] Re: Sledgehammers in Mosul
> Helena,
> What is the message here? Does the link speak for itself and what does it
> say? I am thinking about the "cultural vandalism" of the west in Iraq and
> other parts of the region, and of the complex history (in which the US has
> played a central role) that has led to what is being depicted in this
> story. I do not mean to re-inscribe simplified west vs. middle east
> narratives, but I do want to question how we are being asked to interpret
> such acts. In this clip, as in so much media coverage of the region, such
> practices are rooted in the uniquely anti-democratic or anti-free speech
> tendencies of Islam. As Said famously argued, "we" are thereby exalted as
> all the more democratic and free.
> I wish the Western experts lamenting the destruction of artifacts in this
> clip had as loudly and boldly lamented the destruction of life in the
> brutal wars that led to this mess.
> Shirin
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