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[Xmca-l] Re: Elaborations on Nissen's Could Life Be...

Dear xmca
Wow! So much to engage with here!
I'm in the middle of a conference in Barcelona, so for now ust briefly a few comments.
First, for me it is an important point that I did not present the "aesthetic documentation" (the video etc.) as a method for treating drug addiction. On the contrary, the point is to go beyond that whole problematic, that set of standards. We can see in this discussion that when Berrin is framed as an addict, even the whole concept of art is stigmatized.
Second, I am certain that the professionals and their young clients did not intentionally copy or mimic an already existing video - but it is interesting that the style and form of the genre seems to be inadvertedly reproduced - to some extent.
Finally, there is a set of points about sense and meaning. I recount them briefly in my chapter, but it is long story which I unfold in my 2012 book. Basically, common sense is the immediate sense common to a collective, its ideological form; meaning is the objectification which transforms and overcomes that common sense. These are dialectical moments. (There is no such thing as a simple reproduction; even when a Madonna video seems to be copied, something else is produced).
Finally, I wouldn't want to substitute hope for plans and goals. The concept of hope is at a different level, to do with why we would want to engage in an activity with certain (or not so certain) goals. Andy's use of "project" is also useful, if we do not think of it in too rationalistic terms. I used "hope" also to recommend taking up Ernst Bloch's work.
I look forward to returning more deeply. Now back to "affectivity, embodiment and politics" in Barcelona...

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