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[Xmca-l] Re: Margaret Archer

I have andy...her work is a critique of anthony giddens' structurationists praxis theory.  Giddens attempts to resolve the structure agency problematic through his notion of duality.  Giddens argues that consciousness and social structure is a duality, the internalization of a social structure as recursively organized and reproduced as a social actor's practical consciousness.  Margaret archer takes Giddens ' s structure-agency issue in another direction by demonstrating the linkage between agency and culture as proposed by activity theorists.  So for archer, structure, culture, and agency can be distinguished for analytic purposes, although they are intertwined in social life.

See her work (1988),

Culture and agency: the place of culture in social theory

Dr. Paul C. Mocombe
The Mocombeian Foundation, Inc.

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</div>Is there anyone on line who has read Margaret Archer and can give me an 
opinion on how her ideas fit with Vygotsky and Activity Theory and how 
her social theory stacks up?
*Andy Blunden*