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[Xmca-l] Re: Non-academic book learning theory for labor educators

Hello Helena

I'm both a doctoral student and a workplace trainer in health and safety to
nurses, aged care and child care workers. If you're looking for an
international perspective, I'd love to review your book.



*Gavan Evans | *Director


*Kialta Training Pty Ltd*

On 6 February 2015 at 05:18, Helena Worthen <helenaworthen@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello -
> I've just found out that my book, "What Did You Learn at Work Today? The
> Forbidden Lessons of Labor Education," was awarded the Best Book related to
> labor education prize for 2014 by the United Association for Labor
> Education, my professional association. With this in hand, evidence that I
> am not completely nuts about trying to bring learning theory into classes
> where nurses and postal workers are trying to learn how to organize to
> protect and improve their jobs, I want to turn back to my long time friends
> on XMCA to see if I can get a reaction from someone on this list.
> My primary audience is other labor educators, who tend to come from
> political science and sociology, not education. But my secondary and
> perhaps more important audience is teacher trainers, who are being required
> to feed their students into the grinder of standardized testing, private
> charter schools an, in higher ed, student learning outcomes and who need to
> know that there is a theoretical framework out there that provides and
> alternative. The third audience would be any young kid who is trying to
> work at a bad job, while going to school and accumulate debt, who wonders
> if they are wasting their time and not learning anything.
> It's not an academic book and is short on references and footnotes,
> although I leave trail markers about how to get to richer stuff if the
> reader is interested. I try to explain what Vygotsky gave us in a couple of
> short pages. It's written at a level to be "readable," and it seems to have
> enough stories in it to pull the reader along.
> If someone wants a free copy, perhaps to review (if  you like it; not
> everyone will), I'll get my publisher to send you one.
> Thanks -- Helena
> Helena Worthen
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