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[Xmca-l] Re: Reference data bases

Hello all,

What seems problematic about these solutions in Martin's link (pun intended there, as solutions and floodplains go) is that they are closely coupled with sundry corporations. 

Is there an OpenSource solution for a refDB as we are thinking about? Participating with corporate and closed code on these kinds of reference DBs furnishes the opportunity for them an ability to "watch" what researchers are searching for in their own stash of cold storage. That seems problematic to me.  (Maybe people are already thinking this?)

But here's my question: Is it possible to hook on to Open Journal somehow?

I was looking at Hau and found this:

which led me to this:

and this, which has some interesting costing information, fyi:

I realize these are publishing systems, but doesn't it make sense to have a refDB cooperate with the architecture of Open Journal?

Given the great butter Huw will churn out, the skilled milkmaid that he is :) it is entirely possible that lots of researchers and students would pile high the butter on toast, muffins, bagels, and scones with much delight. 

Now, if that were to happen, this may be their intro to the Open Journal system possibly inspiring more researchers to start new journals on said platform, or to switch over to it. 

Such is my prefiguration attempt?

Hope the dam didn't break there…

Kind regards,