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This book looks really cool! Thanks for bringing it to listserv consciousness, Peter!

I did not know that Vygotsky was notoriously indifferent to his reader's sensibilities. I do not know what that means?

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About Lev Vygotsky

Lev Vygotsky, the great Russian psychologist, had a profound influence on educational thought. His work on the perception of art, cultural-historical theory of the mind and the zone of proximal development all had an impact on modern education.

This text provides a succinct critical account of Vygotsky's life and work against the background of the political events and social turmoil of that time and analyses his cross-cultural research and the application of his ideas to contemporary education. René van der Veer offers his own interpretation of Vygotsky as both the man and anti-man of educational philosophy, concluding that the strength of Vygotsky's legacy lies in its unfinished, open nature.

Table Of Contents

Series Editor's Preface


Part I: Intellectual Biography
1. Lev Vygotsky

Part II: Critical Exposition of Vygotsky's Work
2. Early Writings
3. Creating Cultural-historical Theory
4. The Zone of Proximal Development
5. Cross-cultural Education

Part III: The Reception, Influence and Relevance of Vygotsky's Work Today
6. Contemporary Educational Research
7. Conclusions

Name Index
Subject Index


"In this concise intellectual biography of L. S. Vygotsky, eminent Vygotskian authority René van der Veer has written an accessible account of the major periods of Vygotsky's career, reviewing the development of Vygotsky's thinking in plain and often witty language, a service of immeasurable importance, given Vygotsky's notorious indifference to his readers' sensibilities... This volume is straightforward and edifying enough for undergraduates, and stimulating and informative enough for those who have been immersed in Vygotskian scholarship for many decades." -  Peter Smagorinsky, The University of Georgia, USA,