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[Xmca-l] Re: RES: Re: Thirdness and its various versions

Hi Larry,

My question is much simpler, the phrase is "third space" WHERE is it, and WHO says that it is there. If it is not perceived by the child or the father, (the inter-subjects) then is it only perceived by Jessica, the theorist, and those who agree with her?

In other words, I'm attempting to understand the metaphor, and why it is called third space. It seems problematic, and I know I'm not the first to feel this way, as I believe others have voiced their skepticism. I understand it's an attempt to describe something perhaps that has not been described before, and that's OK.

I don't understand why the father is seen as surrendering, but the mother is not? And if there is a surrendering, then is the child dominating? 

The mother who does not surrender has a medea complex, but the father, is just being a patriarch, apparently. 

I don't think that musicians surrender to the beat when they play music together in rhythm with one another, nor do they submit to the beat. They just play. 

So I'm having issue with the representation of the concept, I suppose.

Kind regards,