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[Xmca-l] Re: Haiti by the numbers, five years after

Hi Haydi,

It is true that even the days of the Inquisition was not a time of picking strawberries, however what feels more of an insult today is the saying that we are more evolved and enlightened with our lamps when we are actually quite in the dark over what it is like to be oppressed today, if only because those who suffer don't have a voice. If they do, few with influence listen, and even less do anything about it. 

Poverty is a form of violence which robs the dignity out of any one person. Then to have to submit to rules one doesn't want and to sanction them in order to eat, is yet another form of violence. There may be no blood spilled, but these "bruises" are deeply hurtful. 

I'm sure these power dynamics are nothing novel in history, and yet the pain is always novel because the pain is always experienced in the present moment.