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[Xmca-l] Re: Engels on Laws of evolution and laws of history

I found the Russian version of LSV CW, volume 3.
It has the correct quote from the Russian edition of Engels' Dialectics of Nature.
The "laws of history" is a creation of the translator, Marie Hall.

Engels and Vygotsky not guilty!

*Andy Blunden*

Andy Blunden wrote:
I'm sure you are right there, Juan!
Here's Engels' original German:
/"Die ewigen Naturgesetze/ verwandeln sich auch immer mehr in historische." MEW, Vol. 20, p. 505

*Andy Blunden*

Juan Duarte wrote:
Hello, I think Engels is also speaking about the historical nature of all knowledge, for example newtonian physics. It´s a central aspect of marxism that the way of knowing is historically situated, and it´s goes not just for historical science but also for natural ones. Of course, it doesn´t mean to fall into relativism but to take in account that science is social, economical and political embedded and in capitalism, mercantilisation and fetichisation reaches it.


Juan D.

2015-01-18 0:18 GMT-03:00 Annalisa Aguilar <annalisa@unm.edu <mailto:annalisa@unm.edu>>:

    Hi Andy,

    I guess the ends of the ham will be cut off and the reason will
    remain a mystery, since grandma isn't picking up the phone!

    Kind regards,


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    Just read the context, Annalisa. I supplied the link,
    *Andy Blunden*

    Annalisa Aguilar wrote:
    > Hi Andy,
    > Doesn't the theory of evolution imply that nature's laws are
    variable? How can it be "more and more?" which seems to imply
    acceleration to me.
    > What I suppose is lost upon me is how natural laws become
    historical laws.
    > What do you mean by "historical laws"?
    > I'm getting semiotically lost, in a doppelgänger sort of way...
    > Kind regards,
    > Annalisa