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[Xmca-l] Re: Laws of evolution and laws of history

Hi Philip,

Yes, because if we go by the rubric of [sign mediates internally with the mind], and [tool mediates externally with the environment], which I do not reject by the way, then propaganda (as intended), is a tool to the one who produces it (because it is intended to influence the environment of others, and a sign for those who consume it (the intended others to be influenced). 

My inquiry isn't exactly upon traditionally-considered political propaganda; one could also see advertising as a type of propaganda as well. Even punishment and humiliations can be a type of propaganda, "pour encourager les autres."

In a sense, propaganda is a kind of duck-rabbit. You see duck, I see rabbit, depending upon what is externally projected/internally received; nothing changes about the drawing itself, it's all perception.

Is this too facile? I feel there may be problems, and appeal to the list to correct me on this. :)

Thinking out loud... your mileage may vary!  

Kind regards,