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[Xmca-l] Re: Laws of evolution and laws of history

i think that the question about propaganda considered within sign/tool is one of incredible complexity.

my guess - hazarded - is that in the end all signs and tools, since they'ed embedded with cultural beliefs, values, dispositions, experiences are political as well as a practice of propaganda - the red star of the u.s.s.r., china and macy's are not all the same cigar.


Phillip White
Urban Community Teacher Education Program
Site Coordinator
Montview Elementary, Aurora, CO
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Hi all,

Mike, this is the link I'd sent.

Philip, what you say that makes a lot of sense.

A website is a kind of sign, or… is it a tool?

On a slightly different tack, how is it that propaganda is considered in the sign/tool dichotomy?

Kind regards,