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[Xmca-l] Re: Laws of evolution and laws of history

URL Phillip?

On Friday, January 16, 2015, White, Phillip <Phillip.White@ucdenver.edu>

> The Polytech.Science.Art program of the Polytechnic Museum in Moscow,
> Russia, is dedicated to one of the most significant phenomena of
> contemporary culture:
> excluding of course, the relevancy of contemporary culture that's
> inclusive of the likes of, say, Pussy Riot, political dissenters, lesbians
> and gays, etc., etc., etc.
> as the beatles so prophetically sang, back to the u.s.s.r.
> phillip
> Phillip White
> Urban Community Teacher Education Program
> Site Coordinator
> Montview Elementary, Aurora, CO
> phillip.white@ucdenver.edu <javascript:;>
> or
> pawhite@aps.k12.co.us <javascript:;>

It is the dilemma of psychology to deal with a natural science as an object
that creates history. Ernst Boesch.