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[Xmca-l] Re: Haiti by the numbers, five years after

There are too many hands in the pot in haiti...NGOs, foreign governments, protestant evangelists, and the Catholic Church once again...we ask the good people of the west to tell their governments to get out of the country!  Use your democratic powers to control your governments!

Dr. Paul C. Mocombe
The Mocombeian Foundation, Inc.

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</div>Hi Paul,

Well... thanks for calling the tool a fracking shovel. :)

It doesn't mean that there are people, regardless of the Christian quotient, feel troubled by Haiti. 

If there were something to do that could really make a difference, we would, wouldn't we?  If doing nothing is the better thing to do, OK. I was doing that already! :)

Could it also be that people do not know what is happening on the ground? Is it possible to become more equitably informed? Without butting in? 

Looking at facts and figures don't contribute the gasoline to a theory of change, do they?

I really don't know how to talk about it, but I am making an effort, even if it is awkward.

Kind regards,