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[Xmca-l] Re: Laws of evolution and laws of history


This may also be relevant!

The Polytech.Science.Art program of the Polytechnic Museum in Moscow, Russia, is dedicated to one of the most significant phenomena of contemporary culture: interdisciplinary collaboration between artists, scientists and technology specialists. The program launched in 2014 with a series of workshops and lectures embracing such scientific disciplines as information technology, neurobiology, physics, psychoacoustics and others. Program experts help to formulate comprehensive ideas on the synthesis of science, art and technology as an artistic method; they also provide a space for innovation, where they present art projects demonstrating scientific and technological approaches and innovative methods. All Polytech.Science.Art projects are based in the research and interaction of international science, art and technology experts and local participants; collaboration results are of not only artistic, but also theoretical significance. In the coming years, the program will be developed through artist-in-residence programs, exhibitions, conferences, and public and professional events.

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