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[Xmca-l] Re: Laws of evolution and laws of history

Hi Peg,

This U Chicago catalog is really nice! 

I noticed that there was no mention of Linear B. But perhaps that is because Crete is not considered "Oriental." :)

A fantastic book on Linear B (if anyone named Henry is interested) is The Riddle of the Labryinth: The quest to crack an ancient code by Margalit Fox, about how they decoded the writing in the 1950s (or thereabouts?)

The book is a special tribute to Alice Kober who did most of the heavy lifting, but was not given proper credit (until this book of course!) It's wonderfully written and reads almost like a detective novel. A nice break from dense reading... if you need a break. 

For those not familiar with Linear B it is a syllabic script.

I noticed that Margalit Fox also wrote a book called, "Talking Hands: What sign language reveals about the mind."

And yes, Andy, Linear B would supply you evidence about administrative purposes!  :)

Kind regards,