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[Xmca-l] Re: What is a Pedagogy of the Oppressors?


Sorry... I think you are taking what I was saying as (each of us) to be my take on it (prescriptive) when I was verbalizing (each of us) to be descriptive of the ideology, as I'm understanding the ideology to be.

This is why in the immediate paragraph after I wrote:

"As we I think we all know, in reality we are not only not master's of our destinies, but that death is inevitable; we are mere mortals."

So in answer to your question, each of us do not have to make up our own mind, because we are not master's of our own destiny even if we want to be. We only have control over our actions, but not the results. So that I would guess means we are in control of 50% of our destinies. Not bad odds, but not great either!

I don't think it matters if we make up our minds alone or with others, I think the odds are the same. But that is my belief, and I cannot verify it, I openly admit it. Still one cannot deny how a little help from our friends can make a great pop song!

For me the importance is in sorting out the 50% that I actually have influence over and focusing my attention there, since being focused upon the wrong 50% means I have given up all my control to fate, and without knowing it!

Perhaps this is what groupthink is?  That is, focusing upon the wrong half in company with others who also focus on the wrong half.

I tried to find the post where e-movement was discussed and I cannot find it. It is lost to the ether. Would you mind sending the link to that post?

Kind regards,