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[Xmca-l] How embodied is Cognition?

I thought this short article "How embodied is Cognition?" by Daniel Hutto
might be a nice piece to bring together with the pre-frontal discussion in
the other thread (not as counterpoint but as complement):


Here is a teaser:
"E is the letter, if not the word, in today’s sciences of mind. E
adjectives proliferate. Nowadays it is hard to avoid claims that cognition
– perceiving, imagining, decision-making, planning – is best understood in
E terms of some sort. The list of E-terms is long: embodied, enactive,
extended, embedded, ecological, engaged, emotional, expressive, emergent
and so on. This short piece explains: the big idea behind this movement;
how it is inspired by empirical findings; why it matters; and what
questions the field will face in the future. It focuses on the stronger and
weaker ways that..."

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