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[Xmca-l] Re: What is a Pedagogy of the Oppressors?

Hi Francine,

I don't think I disagree with you.

Certainly there are biological reasons involved as well, but is the lack of prefrontal cortical activity a cause of or is it an effect of oppression?

Aren't we looking at the genesis of oppression? or more specifically how oppression is taught? The pedagogy? The ethical reasons are always clear that we do not want it. 

I believe the way you speak about it is "from the outside." I am saying that from a place of care, not of criticism.

Speaking "from the outside" makes it hard to understand what is happening in the minds of those "from the inside," and reminds me of telling a pregnant teen she should have used birth control or abstinence. 

I don't mean to be antagonistic by saying that. 

Without legitimizing the acts of oppressors, we must understand how they are taught, right? It is for me an examination of their subjectivity. What is it like for them? Why do they want to oppress? What is their motivation? What are their feeling lives like? Why do they believe oppression is the only option?

Otherwise, there is no answer as to the "why" that "individuals" surrender their self-responsbility to the "group."

It may be difficult to empathize with the other, but I don't know any other way to face the problem. 

Kind regards,