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[Xmca-l] Re-search Testimonio and Hermeneutics

I am choosing to open another thread so that the focus does not shift from
the specific notion of testimonio  towards hermeneutics in that other
thread. However, I see significant overlaps with the more 'general' notion
of hermeneutic(s) [multiple types of interpretation].  I am suggesting that
the concrete specifics of the *third space* within testimonio may overlap
with the more general re-search into the multiple types of interpretation
that ENCOMPASS other historically situated events.

I am going to write out three paragraphs from the introduction to Richard
E. Palmer's 1969 book "Hermeneutics" and replace the word *literature* with
the word *testimonio* to indicate how I am translating the concrete example
of testimonio into the more general notion of literature. I am attempting
to grasp the power and depth of *literature*.

Far more than man realizes, he channels through language the various facets
of his living - his worshipping, loving, social behaviour, abstract
thought; even the shape of his feelings is conformed to language.  If the
matter is considered deeply, it becomes apparent that language is the
"medium" in which we live, and move, and have our being.