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[xmca] Vygotsky and J. F. Chabrier - about emotions


How are you? I wish fine.

I was studding the Vygotsky's "Teaching about emotions"
and at the chapter 18 (see atached) I find very interesting
mentions to Chabrier - (I guess Joseph François Chabrier that
wrote "Les émotions et les états organiques" in 1911). The
contributions from Chabrier are linked with Vygotsky's concerns
for criticize dualistic views about emotions, and to understand 
actual relations between emotions and

- consciousness
- culture
- ideology
- history
- and personality

I search a lot for Chabrier, but there was practically nothing.
Nothing in Amazon, nothing in Google books. And French Libraries
don't send to Brazil.

Somebody have any suggestion, please? Any useful kind of service
to legally obtain the book? Some kind of "East View" to French resources?

Thank you very much.

from Brazil.

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