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[xmca] Seeking help with Vygtosky's translation

Hello All--

I am writing to seek some help from the speakers of Russian on the net
about a question that troubles me.  Here it is:

In Thought and Language (1962)12th printing, page 110, the last five lines
of the second paragraph from the top reads as follows:

"The child learns to see his language as one particular system among many,
to view its phenomena under more general categories, and this leads to
awareness of his linguistic operation.  Goethe said with truth that 'he
who knows no foreign language does not truly understand his own."

In Thinking and Speech (1987), Collected Works Vol. 1, on page 179, what I
believe to be the corresponding lines, at the bottom the page reads as

"Less obvious and less well known is the fact that the foreign language
influences the development of the child's language.  Goethe understood
this influence clearly.  In his words, he who does not know at least one
foreign language does not know his own."

Can someone please tell me which translation of the first sentence is
correct?  Did Vygotsky say "The child learns to see his language as one
particular system among many?"

Thanks, Artin

Artin Goncu, Ph.D
Educational Psychology
College of Education M/C 147
1040 W. Harrison St.
Chicago, IL 60607
(312) 996-5259

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