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[xmca] Berlin Wall "poetry"

I am gravely disappointed* that no one noted the most
eloquent** statement from the time of the tearing down of the
Berlin Wall -- David Hasselhoff's singing of his now classic
"Looking for Freedom". 

Check it out at:


If nothing else, the battery powered lighted leather jacket
makes the time spent watching worth it (this particular video
clip also points to a delicious moment in which someone from
the audience hurls something at Hasselhoff - I guess that
someone wasn't "looking for freedom").

Just yesterday I was teaching Marx's German Ideology and the
notion that the ideal of "freedom" might be an ideologically
loaded one, that is, it is a "ruling idea" and which serves
the "ruling class" in capitalism (and which can be opposed to
other ruling ideas in other times, such as the notion of
"honor" during feudal times). In a strange way, this clip
seemed to bring home this point in a way that words never could.

Check it out.

*To be read in the most ironic tone possible.
Greg Thompson
Ph.D. Candidate
The Department of Comparative Human Development
The University of Chicago
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