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[xmca] Invitation: International Psychological Summer School 2010 in Moscow

Dear colleagues, 

Below you will find the much anticipated announcement for the 2010
Summer School in Moscow! As we know from Dot Robbins report earlier this
fall, the 2009 school was very successful and this new opportunity
promises to be equally if not more engaging. 





Emily Duvall, PhD

Assistant Professor Curriculum & Instruction
University of Idaho, Coeur d'Alene
1031 North Academic Way, Suite 242 | Coeur d'Alene, ID 83814 
T 208 292 2512 | F 208 667 5275 emily@uidaho.edu
<mailto:barbm@uidaho.edu>  | www.cda.uidaho.edu


He only earns his freedom and his life, who takes them every day by
-- Johann Wolfgang Goethe 




Informational Letter for the Summer School 2010 "Psychological basics of


Dear colleagues,


We are gladly informing you that Institute of Psychology in the name of
L.S. Vygotsky with the support  of Russian University for the Humanities
is planning the International Psychological Summer School for the period
from 05.07.10 to 17.07.10. The event will take place in one of the most
picturesque places of Moscow region - Bear Lakes. For almost two weeks
there will be plenty of sun, water, fresh air and Vygotsky's Legacy. You
will meet doctors and professors (E. Kravtsova, G. Kravtsov, Zh.
Shopina, E. Berezhkovskaya and many others), who are experts in theory
and practice of cultural-historical psychology and who will guide you
through the main theme of the School: "Psychological basics of Play".
This theme will be central but not all-embracing. Other dimensions of
cultural-historical theory will also find their place in School program.

The Hotel, where the event will take place, keeps large territory two
steps from the forest with 2 swimming pools, sport grounds, children
grounds, places for barbecue, sauna, paintball ground and different
other opportunities to relax and spend time with fun.


The estimated participation fee is 1000* euro for the whole time period.
This price includes the following:


- staying at the "Euro standard", "Semi luxe" (1100 euro) and "Luxe"
(1200 euro) hotel   rooms 

- three meals a day

- guaranteed conditions for holding lectures, seminars and

- translators' services

- swimming pools

- transportation from the Russian University for the Humanities to the
Summer School and back.

- two excursions


*this is the price for staying in "Euro standard" hotel room


If you are interested with this proposal, please right back to Anton
Maximov arankster@gmail.com <mailto:arankster@gmail.com> . For
questions, feel free to contact Dot Robbins dot.robbins.gmail.com.


Price subject to change.


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