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[xmca] practice, lets hope, does not make perfunctory

For reasons beyond my understanding, Taylor and Francis did not include one
of the interesting
articles for the current edition of xmca, and since valued colleagues are
involved, it seemed necessary,
once the error was discovered to re-vote.

you know the procedure. the article is on tacit communicative style and
concerns cultural variations
in classroom communication. It is last in line on the list, first on the

We have given 30 whips of the speghatinni to all guilty parties. Wea culpa.
Vote again!!


Democracy is fragile and requires constant vigilance. When it is up to me to
discover the error,
democracy is REALLY fragile.

helmut vos ist dis.

thanks to bj, brenda, and all those who help correct this eggregious error.
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