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Re: [xmca] Berlin Wall

thanks for the memories, bruce.
I assume that there is no possibility of communicating with next generations
about this. And so it has always been? Or are there some
optimists out there who can recount counter-examples? I hope.

On Mon, Nov 9, 2009 at 4:49 PM, Bruce Robinson <bruce@brucerob.eu> wrote:

> Interestingly, tonight I went to a seminar on the fall of the wall and what
> has happened since with five German speakers. One, an interesting character
> called Gerd Koenen related that he was working with an American NBC news
> team. He said that when the news came that the border gates had been opened
> in Berlin, the Americans instantly believed it, while the Germans were
> extremely sceptical and their news teams didn't appear on the streets until
> a bit later. He also spoke about the different attitudes, with the Americans
> thinking something like 'Hurray, we knew we beat communism one day'. Several
> of the speakers talked about how far apart the two lots of Germans had grown
> over the 40 years of the GDR.
> I was in Berlin at New Year 89-90 (as I was in 88-9 and 90-91) and managed
> to get hauled up onto a bit of the wall just behind the Brandenburg Gate. I
> also took a photo of a smiling young East German border guard looking
> through a hole in the wall and talking to the people on the Western side.
> There was also a clear presence of dissident slogans and organisations in
> the exhibition area under the Fernsehturm on the Alexanderplatz. An amazing
> atmosphere but also a feeling that nobody was really in control of what
> would happen next, which led to the initiative falling to those who seemed
> to provide the most immediate solution.
> Bruce R
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>  I just saw a brief TV clip, which got me wondering:
>> I don't know this in any scientific way, but I would not be surprised if
>> people in the USA are under an impression that the Berlin Wall came down
>> because of Ronald Reagan.
>> On Mon, 9 Nov 2009, David Preiss wrote:
>>  Dear colleagues
>>> Does anybody know of a good poem to remember the (fall of the) Berlin
>>> Wall?
>>> And / or the Stasi and the damage of / to the human soul?
>>> I was looking for some but was unable to find.
>>> 20 years is too early, maybe?
>>> Or, beyond the fireworks, did we already forget?
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