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[xmca] Recording audio files

I think there are a number of free applications on the 'net that can be used to record any audio stream that comes across your sound card (whether from a line input or from the Internet) into files that can be saved in different file formats (mp3, wma, etc.).

These can then be put on CD's, or used other ways, such as my recordings from the Texas legislative and school board sessions in the fights over teaching evolution (e.g. at
http://wp.me/p1V0H-wp  and

On Thu, 5 Nov 2009, Peter Smagorinsky wrote:

More info on transferring cassette recordings to digital format:


In the video he's taking his audio files to a CD, but if you just want the
audio on your computer you can skip the last part.

I'm attaching a handout I developed which explains the same basic thing.

He's using Audacity, which is what I'd recommend.  It's free,
cross-platform, and fairly easy to use.  One thing to note is that you'll
need to do one of these two things to end up w/ seperate files for each

- so an individual recording for each song, or
- transfer the entire cassette (or each side, anyway) and then split the
long recording into individual songs

If you're on a Mac (which I think you are, Dr, Smagorinsky) and want to burn
a CD, you can use iTunes for that part of the process.

If you don't mind spending a little money you can buy a special rig designed
to do exactly this.  Google "transfer cassette to mp3" and you'll get plenty
of hits.
Here's one example (though I'm not endorsing it).


Hope that helps.


Ron B
Ron Braxley
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UGA College of Education

Tony Whitson
UD School of Education
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