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Re: [xmca] The Ubiquity of Unicorns: conversation

Thanks for extensive reply, Peter.
I happen to be reading the book on speech genres for a class and on p. 71 of
"speech genres" Bakthtin writes,

The boundaries of each concrete utterance as a unit of speech communication
are determined by a *change of speaking subjects*, that is, a change of

things get more complicated from there!! I do not envy you the task of
coming up with appropriate units of analysis for private speech - especially
in terms of utteracnes, since the sense in which there could be a change of
is pretty unclear, to say the least.

Mead had some really interesting things to say in that chapter on the self i
posted clips from yesterday. We went over it again in class today. I was
particularly interested in his approach to the issue of meaning, which
depends crucially
on how the adresee responds to what the addresser says and the fact that the
addressee is also seen as participating in the construction of the talk of
the addresser itself -- what i think is referred to as recipient design. Not
sure how this is handled in CAnalaysis.

We have ordered the book from Cambridge and will be seeking reviewers.
Someone is going to get one beautful
book to review!!

On Mon, Nov 2, 2009 at 10:17 AM, Peter Feigenbaum

> Hello, Eric.
> Happy to oblige.
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> Peter:
> Could you make another attempt at including the diagram?  I am curious if
> it is similar to the diagrams that Mikhail Basov used to discuss human
> development.  Your commnets on utterance/conversation provide great
> insight into the study of human development.
> eric
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