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[xmca] Privatization of public universities

Here's a useful analysis of the privatization of public universities in
today's New York Times Education magazine:

To cope with declining support from state governments, public, land-grant
universities are increasing tuitions and cutting staff/courses.  And, the
more prestigious schools such as Michigan or UCLA who attract out-of-state
students are relying those students out-of-state tuitions, often twice that
of in-state tuitions, to cover costs.

The contradiction here is that while these universities are presumably
committed to serving their own state students, particularly middle to
lower-middle class students, increased tuitions are driving these students
away.  And, reliance on out-of-state applicants often means that they may
admit those students rather than in-state students who require financial
support.  All of this is not good news for low income students, only a
fourth of whom even end up going to college.

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