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[xmca] Books of Interest! Check it out and contribute your own

Hi All--

Thanks to the work of claudia DaMetz and bruce Jones we now have a page for
members of xmca to post
brief notices of books they have in print and would like others to know
about and purchase. To get an idea
of how things are set up, check out http://lchc.ucsd.edu/Books. I have taken
the liberty of making use of the very
interesting book by Michel and Wortham as a model sort of posting. I took
the text from the description in the the
book but if Angela and Stanton want to change it they certainly may! Just
needed a place to start and since we have
a norm of not reviewing books by members of the MCA editorial board, I
thought it was a fit place to start.

We are uncertain of how best to sequence entries. Right now we figure a push
down stack with newest book first
might be a good idea, but perhaps you-all would prefer an alphabetical
listing? Let us know. You will note that this
page can be read by anyone in the xmca world but only those who are members
of xmca can post their book notices with
links to where they can be purchased.

Hope you find this useful. Still working on a generally upgraded xmca, but
so far insufficient hands and minds to apply to the
task to get as far as we would like.


PS-- A revised page with lots of streaming lectures is being posted on the
dissemination and education page. Some lectures and inter-site
courses have been posted there already, but a large collection sent by Dot
Robbins is about to go up as well, for those whose Russian is
up to it!!
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