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Re: [xmca] teaching Vygotsky

Dear Shirley: I teach a course/seminar on Vygotsky and education every two years
or so.  I started teaching it 20 years ago, when I first arrived at the
University of Arizona.

This fall I will add a section to the course in Spanish; the students who want
to participate will do additional readings in Spanish, for which there is an
abundant literature, and our discussions of the readings will also be in
Spanish, switching to English as needed.  Time permitting, I will combine the
Spanish section with videoconferencing with some students in Puerto Rico and

I have also had informal gatherings, or "tertulias" as we say in Spanish, about
Vygotsky in Spanish, where students can read and discuss not only Spanish
translations of Vygotsky and other colleagues' writings, but articles by Latino and Spanish authors (e.g., Riviere, del Río & Alvarez, Baquero, Arias, González
Rey, Rodríguez, Corral, among others) whose work do not usually appear in

To those colleagues who have responded to your initial query: would it be
helpful to also include a copy of the syllabi used in our courses?

Saludos, Luis

Luis C. Moll, Ph.D.
Department of Language, Reading & Culture
College of Education
University of Arizona
Tucson, AZ  85721

Quoting Shirley Franklin <s.franklin@dsl.pipex.com>:

We are doing some research into courses which teach about Vygotsky.
Would really welcome feedback in terms of course name and level, and

Thanks so much for your co-operation

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